In-Person Training

Advanced Hardware Hacking: Hands-on Power Analysis & Glitching with the ChipWhisperer

This 2-day course brings you a whole new level of hardware hacking – imagine being able to break an AES-128 bootloader in a few minutes, or glitching past password checks in otherwise secure devices. Based on the open-source ChipWhisperer, this course uses the hands-on experience by providing each student with a ChipWhisperer-Lite board (which they keep) and bringing them through a variety of attacks against real encryption and security code examples.

Anyone specifying or developing embedded systems needs to understand these attacks, as they might allow an attacker to compromise your otherwise secure system. As this course uses entirely open-source tools & examples, attendees will be able to use this knowledge in their own training courses, for example training employees at their workplace in these techniques. Side Channel Power Analysis & Fault Attacks have never been more accessible, and testing your products has never been this inexpensive or easy.

See more details of this course. This course will be available at BlackHat USA 2017.

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